You are invited to join PTA!
We hope you are interested in joining our fantastic Shorewood PTA but if you're on the fence, here are the top reasons we think your membership is important:
Have active involvement in your child's school experience. PTA membership gives you apresence at your child's school and there are so many ways to be involved. For some members, joining the PTA is the best way to get plugged in at school. Working parents who can't volunteer during classroom hours get a chance to share their skills, participate in events, or even spearhead programs that happen outside of school hours. Some parents choose to share a skill, or help out behing the scenes with planning, coordination, etc. But in many cases, parents have a ton of fun helping out with many of the PTA sponsored events throughout the year. PTA members can help as much or as little as they are able, and no matter what your level of contribution, you're playing an active role in your child's education and school experience.
Get connected! Joining the PTA and attending meetings puts you "in the know" and allows you to see what is on the horizon for the school year. It also connects you with other parents, Shorewood teachers and staff.
Let your voice be heard! Our PTA is an open forum for ideas and discussion -- we love it when someone comes in with suggestions and opportunities for growth or improvement.
Be a part of the solution! You can help to make positive changes at Shorewood and PTA involvement is one way to get plugged into events, fundraisers and improvements at school.


We invite you to join us and can't wait to meet you!

5 PTA Membership Myths

  1. Joining the PTA means I HAVE to volunteer. NOT TRUE! While there are always opportunities to get involved, there is never any expectation or pressure to do so. You can always pass on a signup sheet or say no if you're asked to help out. We respect and appreciate your time and are happy to have you join in any capacity you are able.

  2. I don't have time to join the PTA. We get how busy our families are today and would never ask anyone to do something they don't have time for. However, PTA membership dues and even contributions to our fundraisers are essential to keeping our programs robust at Shorewood. These are ways you can positively impact Shorewood!

  3. The PTA is only for stay-at-home parents. Your fellow PTA members are family and community members who want to support the kids and the school. Most members are juggling work, household chores, kids, sports, and homework, just like you!

  4. The PTA isn't interested in my ideas or suggestions. We strongly encourage anyone who has an idea or suggestion to join us. We WANT your ideas, input, creativity and especially, your voice. We always have room to grow, improve or try something new; it helps keep our PTA fresh and exciting!

  5. The PTA has all the help they need. We ALWAYS need new members, volunteers and people who are interested in making Shorewood the phenomenal school it is. There is no such thing as too much help when it comes to the many events the PTA sponsors throughout the year. The more, the merrier!

PTA Sponsored Events

Here is a snapshot of the events your PTA sponsors or supports every year. Some of these events bring in valuable funds for the school, other events are held to build our community and provide family fun for all!

  • Kindergarten Ice Cream Social
  • Math Adventures
  • Grandparents Day
  • APEX Fundraiser
  • Fall Bingo Night
  • Movie/Pizza Nights
  • Holiday Bazaar
  • Multi-Cultural Night
  • Spring Fling Dance
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Local Neighborhood Dine Outs
  • Spring Carnival

All Shorewood parents:

  • Sign up for the PTA -  we have a variety of membership levels and you don't have to be a Shorewood parent to join. We welcome grandparents, extended family, community members, teachers and staff at Shorewood to become a member!
  • Like us on Facebook for regular updates!
  • Join us for one of our monthly PTA meetings to find out what's happening at school!
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